Exitof99 (ĕg'zĭt ŭv, ĕk'sĭt ŏv; nīn'tē-nīn), n.,[First appeared as 'Exit the Conventional DJ' circa 1991 as a WETD (Alfred, NY) radio DJ, during the birth of the band 99¢ Special]

1. A mixed-media artist who has chosen to leave behind the perceived mundane existence of the common world.

Exitof99 is a moniker for Exit of 99¢ Special.

Psyche Corporation
Promotional photo for Psyche Corporation. On July 12th, I took stage as a guitarist for a Psyche Corporation performance. The day prior we recorded a couple live-in-studio tracks.

Audio Production ---

Psyche Corporation :: Website / MySpace
2009 >> I was contacted by long time friend and independant music promoter Seriah Azkath of WVBR about filling a role for a Psyche Corporation performance in Ithaca, NY. The day before the show, I invited Genevive, the primary entity of Psyche Corporation to swing by the H.O.W.D.Y. Music studios to record an 'Exit session'.

Zadoc ...and the Nightmare :: Website / MySpace
2005-2006 >> Long time musical associate and friends, I always wanted a chance to work on Zadoc's music after hearing too many poor recordings of such powerful and addicting music. I got my chance to do so by recording some tracks for Tragically Ever After. Although I didn't end up doing the final mixes, the end result is excellent regardless.

Einst´┐Żrzende Neubauten Supporters' Supporter's
CD Project :: Website
2003-2004 >> I organized and produced a non-profit 2-CD release of music made by bands which participated as supporters of EN. This project spans the musical talents of 27 artists/bands around the world.

The Mildreds
1997 >> Recorded and mixed a number of songs of this Syracuse band featuring several familiar favorites such as Greg Yeti.

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