Exitof99 (ĕg'zĭt ŭv, ĕk'sĭt ŏv; nīn'tē-nīn), n.,[First appeared as 'Exit the Conventional DJ' circa 1991 as a WETD (Alfred, NY) radio DJ, during the birth of the band 99¢ Special]

1. A mixed-media artist who has chosen to leave behind the perceived mundane existence of the common world.

Exitof99 is a moniker for Exit of 99¢ Special.

Carousel Mall
View from the basement floor looking toward the ceiling in the virtual Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY. This was created in Radiant, a game map design program, after countless hours and many revisions. This closely resembles the real thing and would be immediately recognizable by anyone that has been in this mall.

Waste ---

Wilmington, NC Movie & Television Filming Locations :: Website
2009 >> As I had lived in Wilmington, NC for a few years, I witnessed a variety of movies being filmed as well as delivered supplies to the art departments for productions. I got a taste of what they call 'Wilmywood'. With my interest in cinema, I have put together a site that pinpoints various movie and television locations in and around Wilmington.

SyraCrime :: Website
2007 >> Valuing my life and the security of my living environment, I decided to plot out a Google map of all the shootings in Syracuse (or Scaracuse as I call it). This site has fallen to the wayside, and I do not live in Syracuse anymore. A high point was the map was published in the Syracuse newspaper.

SofStuff :: Website
2001-2007 >> Soldier of Fortune and Soldier of Fortune II both sucked many possibly productive hours from my life. That was just the playing of the game, but I also spend a lot of time in creating custom maps for both of these games. The last rendition of the Carousel Mall in Syracuse was by far my best and truly spectacular.

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