Exitof99 (ĕg'zĭt ŭv, ĕk'sĭt ŏv; nīn'tē-nīn), n.,[First appeared as 'Exit the Conventional DJ' circa 1991 as a WETD (Alfred, NY) radio DJ, during the birth of the band 99¢ Special]

1. A mixed-media artist who has chosen to leave behind the perceived mundane existence of the common world.

Exitof99 is a moniker for Exit of 99¢ Special.

Darren of 99¢ Special in Berlin's Lustgarten in front of the Berliner Dom.

Photography ---

Insects :: Website
2005-2006 >> A bug collection that I had building up over the years on my old shoddy digital camera.

Grundst�ck Trip :: Website
2004 >> While in Germany with Darren of 99 to perform in an epic Einst�rzende Neubatuen event in Berlin, I snapped a series of incidental photos in between events.

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