Exitof99 (ĕg'zĭt ŭv, ĕk'sĭt ŏv; nīn'tē-nīn), n.,[First appeared as 'Exit the Conventional DJ' circa 1991 as a WETD (Alfred, NY) radio DJ, during the birth of the band 99¢ Special]

1. A mixed-media artist who has chosen to leave behind the perceived mundane existence of the common world.

Exitof99 is a moniker for Exit of 99¢ Special.

Gauntlet for the Commodore Vic-20
A lot of my youth was spent programming. I began creating a version of the coin-op arcade game Gauntlet on my Commodore Vic-20 in the 1980s, but ran out of memory. This screen shot was from the remake I began coding two decades later.

Programming ---

Gauntlet for the Vic-20 :: Website
1984-2004 >> My childhood dream was to finish a version of Gauntlet playable on the unexpanded Vic-20 (4K of memory!). I succeeded at creating a version in BASIC which was very slow and incomplete as I hit the end of the memory fast. I rethought the whole process and began recoding this some years back in effort to complete this long standing 'failure'.

99¢ Kombat :: Website
1996-1999 >> Unknown and slowing moving toward mastering the personal tastes versus the policies of musical composition. There is a volume of audio sketches awaiting production and polishing. The styles of music range from school band marches to Jandek-like 'feeling before form' compositions.

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