Exitof99 (ĕg'zĭt ŭv, ĕk'sĭt ŏv; nīn'tē-nīn), n.,[First appeared as 'Exit the Conventional DJ' circa 1991 as a WETD (Alfred, NY) radio DJ, during the birth of the band 99¢ Special]

1. A mixed-media artist who has chosen to leave behind the perceived mundane existence of the common world.

Exitof99 is a moniker for Exit of 99¢ Special.

A lot of my youth was spent programming. I began creating a version of the co-op arcade game Gauntlet on my Commodore Vic-20 in the 1980s, but ran out of memory. This screen shot was from the remake I began coding two decades later.

Commodore 64 Remakes and Remixes ---

Alien Syndrome [Tune 4] :: Download
Downloaded 2891 times.
Jan 20, 2009 >> First rough mix released of a work in progress.

Energy Warrior :: Offline
Unreleased >> One of my favorite c64 tunes. I haven't taken the time to do much other than record some guitar parts.

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